Dirty SEO clickworkers

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We often get e-mails to promote others, sometimes they even offer a payment. Is this an ethical behaviour in media communication? Here is my short answer I gave to somebody working for Connex Digital Marketing:



you are asking to promote your article.
You should be saying, that you are paid by others.
This is not an ethical behaviour, which I would expect for a masters in communications platform, that you want us to promote.

No, we will not link your article. I will rather warn others about dubios marketing practices of https://connexdigitalmarketing.com/ on social media.


Am Samstag, den 17.02.2018 um 23:24 schrieb John H.:
> Hello there
> Your page http://ethify.org/en has some good references to mass media so I wanted to get in touch with you. I've recently written an article about impact of mass media
> and was wondering if you thought my article could help out on your page.
> You can read all the information right here:
> https://www.XnotpromotingtheSEOtargethereX.com
> It would be great to know your opinion on the article. And if you find it useful please consider linking to it from that page of yours, or perhaps in your future writing. Also if you prefer you may republish the article. How does this sound to you?.
> Thank you very much,
> John.