I BIKE TO.....

Helping the planet, living in a better world, we are all responsible for making this happen.
We may think we can't do a lot for this to happen, but we can all do our part.

Using a bycicle as your ride its a way of helping the planet and helping you. With this proyect what we are looking for is to invite more people to join the cycling community. And who better to invite the people to join the cycling community than the people who already use bikes.

The idea is to attach a sign to the bicycle, this sign says I BIKE TO...., and everyone writes their own reason to why they use the bicycle, by being the bicycle users the one's to tell the benefits of using the bike, it gives a realistic and personal connection to the message that is written , and its also more believable.

The sign message is attached to the back of the bycicle so when a bicycle passes a car, the people in the car can read it.

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