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Summary Food, Inc

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In 1970 therer were a lot of famers that procduced in their own way. Only a small part from the meat buisness was regulated by 4/5 big companies. In time the big companies got more and more influence and possesed more of the market. Because the companies want to sell the same meat in every store the farmes need to produce exactly the same meat.


Taste the Waste

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Why do we throw away so much food?

And how can we stop this kind of waste?

One third of the food produces in the world for human consumption get lost or wasted every year. Only in EU is around 90 millions of food yearly thrown away.

Taste the waste is a documentary movie by german documentarist Valentin Thurn. The aim of the movie is to show vicious circle of the systematic production that leads to the food waste.


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