Value our food workers

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Food production is a humanitarian issue.

Areas of the world who’s people are already struggling creates situations that force it’s people into unethical and inhumane working conditions.
Deadlines get tighter and pressure builds in just to supply the demand of the privileged world.
It is our fault that food production workers succumb to poverish conditions, less than fair pay and are deprived of their human rights.
It is our responsibility, as part of the developed world, to reach out to these people, be aware of the pressures and pay a fair amount for the food that we take for granted. We must pay a fair amount to honour the work of these people and the hardships they face on a daily basis.
For example, in a factory on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand 14,000 people work for 10 hoursfish a day, 6 days a week, standing for every minute while slicing open raw Tuna in a sterile, silent environment.
There wages barely allow them to eat enough food to energise them to do their  job. They are usually forced into this line of work due to the water-borne diseases and extreme poverty found in rural rice fields.

Zu Leben is a brand that ethically produces food, paying workers for their efforts while maintaing a safe and psychologically healthy working environment. It is a humanitiarian brand that aims to reinvent the fast food industry that does not care for its people. The produce sold at supermarkets is just the tip of the iceberg, fast food chains and restaurants all over the Western world chooses to use food that is unethically produced. The brand also aims to make consumers aware of eateries that uses the Zu Leben brand by displaying the logo on entrances and food menus.

I feel there is too much emphasis put on the animals’ welfare, their living conditions, how they’re slaughted, their dignity. But when did we stop caring about our fellow human beings? What makes it ok for unfortunate people of the world to be living horrbile lives just to benefit the wealthy.
Humans do not derserve to be exploited for their unfortunate economical situations just so that others can have food at a cheaper price.